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This bowl belongs to the Bell Plain style of Mississippian pottery. Bell Plain ceramics are made from shell-tempered clay that is typically dark grey in color and the interior and exterior surfaces are thoroughly smoothed. This style of pottery was in use throughout the Mississippian period but was especially prevalent in the Middle and Late Mississippian periods. Bowl-shaped vessels are in fact the most common form of Bell Plain pottery, but the specific decorative style of this bowl’s lip & rim - known as a Haynes Bluff style rim - makes this particular vessel a bit less common. A Haynes Bluff rim flares out sharply from a rounded lip and has a beveled interior: the bevel is usually terraced or incised, and the lip is very deeply notched with long, slanting grooves, giving the impression of rope laid around the rim edge.


1200- 1540


Pottery; Bowl; Bell Plain Bowl; Mississippian