Dehli Point


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These points date from to the Late Archaic and Early Woodland periods, and have a geographical range from the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama in the south, through Tennessee and Kentucky, and into Illinois, Indiana and even Ohio. This type of projectile point is typically long and triangular in shape, has excurvate (or leaf-shaped) blades, straight stems, and barbed shoulders that point downwards. The body of the point and its blade edges are formed by a very controlled, very precise percussion flaking technique. The stem and barbs of Delhi Points are formed by a corner notching technique, the flake scars of which also extend onto the stem. However, most of these corner-notching flake scars are covered by retouch flaking along the edges of stem itself, required to create the noticeably straight stems of this point type. Of the two examples pictured here, the larger point is noteworthy for its clearly serrated blade edges, a feature which is infrequently seen among Delhi Points.


1300 BCE- 200 BCE


Projectile Point; Arrowhead; Dehli Point; Archaic; Woodland