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Vertical Compound Vessels are found throughout North America and date from at least as early as the Hopewell Period. Interestingly, however, these vessels are most commonly found in / around the Memphis area during the Mississippian period, during which time the level of craftsmanship appears to reach a peak as well. Simply put, Vertical Compound Vessels are those pottery vessels which display one type of vessel shape sitting on top of a second vessel shape. The vessel pictured here, which was uncovered at Chucalissa, is an example of the “Bottle-Over-Jar” compound vessel. The bottom section of the vessel has the shape of a typically Mississippian jar, but instead of the expected cylindrical neck, on this vessel “neck” is shaped like a typically Mississippian bottle, complete with it’s own cylindrical neck, bevel rim, and strap handles.


1200- 1540


Pottery; Compound Vessel; Jar; Mississippian