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Made from a coarse shell-tempered Mississippi Plain paste, this piece is an example of a type of Mississippian pottery known as Barton Incised, var. Kent (sometimes called simply Kent Incised). Dating to the Late Mississippian period, jar-shaped vessels like this one are the most commonly found shape of Barton Incised, var. Kent ceramics, and the pattern of vertical lines incised onto the jar’s body is also highly typical of this style of pottery. However, this vessel is relatively unique in that it also has a structural effigy built into the jar’s body! Identified as an opossum by the excavators, the head and front feet can be seen on one side of the jar, while the tail protruding from the opposite side


1400- 1550


Pottery; Barton Incised; Kent Incised Ceramics; Effigy Jar; Mississippian