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These points are quite old, dating to the Early Archaic period, and are found throughout much of eastern North America although they do seem to cluster in the Ohio River Valley and, to a lesser extent, the Tennessee River Valley. Kanawha Stemmed points are triangular in shape and generally small in size, averaging only 3 cm long and and 2.5 cm wide. The blade edges are created through percussive thinning on both faces of the point. These edges can be either straight or slightly curving, with a projecting shoulder (only one of which is still intact in the point pictured here). Finally, although the stem is sadly missing from our example point, Kanawha stems are small and expanding, and the base is shallowly bifurcated and rounded.


6200 BCE- 5800 BCE


Projectile Point; Kanawha Stemmed Point; Archaic