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This bottle is an example of a type of ceramic known simply as Mississippi Plain Ware. Evidence for Mississippi Plain Ware first appears in the Early Mississippian period (ca. 1000 - 1200 CE) and it is found throughout the Mississippi Valley. This type of ceramic is characterized by a coarse shell-temper paste and tends to be grey / buff / reddish in color. The exterior of the vessel’s body and neck often has a smoothed - but not polished - surface; the interior of the bottle’s neck is likewise smoothed. The lack of polishing often leaves the vessel with a roughened appearance. Bottles such as this one, with its globular body, slightly rounded bottom, and tall, straight-sided neck, represent one of the most frequently found vessel shapes among Mississippian Plain Ware (bottles with sub-globular bodies, and short-necked globular & sub-globular jars being equally prevalent as the Mississippi Plain Ware globular bottle).


1000- 1200


Pottery; Bottle; Plain Mississippian Bottle