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This stone tool is known as a Scallorn point. These small, corner-notched arrowheads are found throughout the Mississippi Valley and as far west as Oklahoma and Texas, and they date to the transitional period from the Late Woodland Period to the Mississippian Period.

Scallorn points are on average 2.5 cm - 4.5 cm in length and 1.5 cm - 2 cm in width, and can vary in form from slender to broad and can have either straight or convex blade edges. These points are characterized by barbed shoulders but the shape & width of this feature is variable, as is the width of the notch. The haft of these points is typically fairly wide in comparison to the body of the point, and exhibits either an expanding stem or, more commonly, side notches. Scallorn points have been found at several major archaeological sites, for example at the site of Cahokia in Illinois.


700- 1000


Stone Tool; Scallorn Point; Arrowhead; Woodland; Mississippian