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This medium-to-large sized, finely serrated, stemmed point is found throughout the southeastern United States, especially in the states of Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. They date from the Late Archaic period through the Early Woodland Period. These points have thick, excurvate (leaf-shaped) blades that are shaped by broad, random flaking. The blade edges were finished by removing long, narrow flakes from opposing sides of the blade to create this point type’s distinctive sharp serration. The stem of Flint Creek points is formed by corner or side notches and its edges are typically excurvate, although there are a few examples with straight-edged stems. Flint Creek points are morphological correlates of several other late Archaic projectile point types, for example the Table Rock Stemmed cluster of points, which can be found throughout much of the Mississippi River Valley and the Ohio River Valley.


1000 BCE- 200 BCE


Stone Tool; Projectile Point; Flint Creek Point; Woodland