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Course Description: Multiphysics simulations are useful for modeling the behavior of coupled systems governed by two or more physical laws and their interactions. Examples are modeling of blood flow in arteries and veins, pulmonary gas exchange and transport, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics during power generation and electro-thermal-structural interface during drug delivery. Emphasis of this course is on computational modeling of fluid-structure interaction in a moving domain. Topics covered will emphasize on deriving theoretical models from physical laws and constitutive equations governing fluid-structure interaction, and developing finite element procedures for modeling fluid-structure interaction in a moving domain. PhD students registering at the 8000 level will exhibit deeper understanding by submitting / presenting a research paper based on their projects or on more advanced topics in multiphysics.


syllabi, syllabus, engineering, electrical engineering, coupled systems, modeling of blood flow, computational modeling, fluid-structure interaction, multiphysics