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Title Expectant Mothers' Knowledge, Perceptions, Experiences and Acceptance of Human Donor Milk. A Pilot StudyAuthor J. MarshallObjective The purpose of this study was to evaluate expectant mothers' knowledge, perceptions, experiences and acceptance of Human Donor Milk (HDM).Subjects The sample included 30 low-risk expecting mothers, over the age of 18, who attended prenatal classes at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women-MemphisMethod A researcher developed survey tool was used to collect data from a convenience sample of 30 low-risk expectant mothers attending one of a series of prenatal classes. Participation was on a volunteer basis and personal indentification was not collected.Results Analysis of data collected is descriptive. Results showed demographics to be highly homogeneous.An overall lack of knowledge of HDM among expectant mothers was evident. With little to no self-reported knowledge regarding HDM, perceptions were limited The majority (97%) of participants were first time mothers and had no experience to account for. However, the majority (70%) of participants reported a willingness to donate excess breastmilk showing an acceptance of HDM use to feed infants when mother's own milk is unavailable.Conclusion In conclusion, an overall lack of self-reported knowledge, perceptions, and experiences regarding the use of HDM to feed infants was found among the participants. However, acceptance of HDM, as it relates to knowledge, warrants further research. Additional research surveying multiple demographics might also shed more light on women's perceptions and knowledge of HDM.


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