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Amlan Datta



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Doctor of Business Admin


Business Administration



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Sumant Rai


My dissertation consists of two essays, which focus on international finance and trade that are encapsulated within the realm of international economics. My first essay tests whether the effects of financial system liberalization in Singapore can be identified using indicators of exchange market pressure. First, I calculate exchange market pressure (EMP) index for the Singapore dollar relative to US dollar for two separate periods 1991-1997 and 1998-2008. During 1991-1997, Monetary Authority of Singapore heavily regulated Singapore financial markets. However, post 1997 MAS started to liberalize Singapore financial system. In view of such structural changes in the financial system, we estimate a VAR model incorporating EMP and obtain impulse response functions to identify how MAS changes its policy approach in response to high EMP during two periods. My second essay explores the impact of the Dominican Republic - Central American Free Trade Agreement (ACFAT-DR) on U.S. imports and determines whether the enactment of such an agreement caused trade creation or trade diversion. More specifically, it investigates whether or not there was any significant increase in U.S. import flows from Central America due to enactment of the agreement. Using disaggregate data we estimate fixed effect regression models and find that U.S. imports increased due to tariff liberalization under CAFTA-DR agreement without causing any trade diversion.


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