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Master of Science


Electrical Engineering


Power Systems

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Mohd. Hasan Ali

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Aaron L Robinson

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Thomas E Wyatt


Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators have been receiving its due attention. Its emergence has risen with the likes of Tesla Motors utilizing it in the Model S. But what of its use in the power industry, more accurately the renewable power industry? Literature concerning this topic exists but it has been found wanting. This work intends to contribute to the library of the PMSG and its applications in the renewable power industry. The focus has been set on using the PMSG to convert wind into the energy that is clean and reliable enough for the grid. With all power systems there is a responsibility to offer quality power without delay when it is needed. That goal is often met with faults along the way. These faults occur as single-line-to-ground (1LG), two-line-to-ground (2LG) and the three-line-to-ground (3LG). In the range of severity, single-line-to-ground faults have been found to be the least severe, yet they happen more frequently. Three-line-to-gournd faults have been found to happen less frequently but are the most severe case. In the pursuit of offering quality powr without delay power systems have to be able to mitigate all of these faults to achieve this feat. This is the job of the series dynamic braking resistor technology.


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