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Doctor of Education


Instr and Curr Leadership


Instructional Design and Tech

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Lee Allen

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Deborah Lowther

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Trey Martindale

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Michael Schmidt


The field of instructional design exists to facilitate learning, and museums promote learning in many ways, including through the design of exhibits and the study of how visitors interact with the museum. By conducting a case study at a major civil rights museum in the United States, this study addressed the research question of how the principles of instructional design were used in the recent renovation of this museum and its exhibits. The study also addressed the relationship between the museum community and the field of instructional design as it relates to the design and development of exhibits.The case study consisted of a document review, a site visit, and interviews of individuals representing the museum staff, the team of advising scholars, and the design firm responsible for the new exhibits. The study found that, in this particular case, processes and concepts were used which were similar to the components of the ADDIE framework for instructional design. However, the study also found that, in this case, the concepts of instructional design are considered part of formal education and are not closely associated with museum exhibit design. Future research into other institutions undergoing similar design and development processes may reveal additional insights in this area.


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