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Doctor of Musical Arts



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Janet K. Page

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John Baur

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Pu-Qi Jiang

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Scott Hines


This document examines the reasons young violin students struggle with practicing and provides a unique solution based on the teachings of Galamian, Flesch, and others. In a much broader sense, the document also addresses many of the common technical issues that young violin students deal with. It begins with an overview of foundational violin technique, including posture, stance, the bow hold, the left hand, and how to hold the violin in position. A detailed outline of best practices for the first year of lessons is also given. Further chapters discuss the technique of the left hand and the bow hand in depth and give exercises for students to practice when dealing with specific technical issues. In response to a survey that was given, the fourth chapter covers common problems that cause students to struggle with practicing and addresses ways that teachers can motivate students to practice and help them be successful. When students are well set up and comfortable on the instrument, they are much more likely to be motivated and to practice successfully. A proper set up can be accomplished by teaching good, foundational technique through the Suzuki method.


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