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Doctor of Philosophy


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Daniel Sherrell

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George Deitz

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McClanahan Barbara


Marketing has long been involved with both public policy and advertising. PSAs (public service advertisements) are a unique combination of both streams of research. This study examines and explores the interplay of theory (Regulatory Focus fit and implementation intentions) and emerging technology (interactive advertising and social media ad referral) in order to more effectively segment viewers and thus increase the response efficacy of PSAs. Advertising in general and PSAs in particular are both entering a new era as traditional delivery platforms (print, TV, radio) are increasingly giving way to new media (internet, mobile smart phones) that is more dynamic as it can allow adaptability and interactivity.Recent research in Regulatory Focus fit has shown that there is a binary base (promotion or prevention foci) from which individuals approach their goals. Using a between-subjects design this study examined the effects of Regulatory Focus fit on PSA response from either a traditional and interactive delivery method. Mixed and inconclusive results suggest a prudent use of the theory and constructs utilized in this study. Results indicated that a Regulatory Focus fit (promotion focus in a texting and donation context) ad has a positive effect on attitude towards the ad and behavior. Results also indicated that a Regulatory Focus fit (prevention focus in a texting and driving context) ad using an interactive delivery method has a positive effect on behavioral intentions. Implementation intentions analysis also indicated positive results for efficacious behavior PSA outcomes. Results suggest the prudent use of Regulatory fit theory in appropriate contexts. The results also encourage continued research into interactive ads due to their dynamic adaptability for segmentation.


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