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Doctor of Education


Instr and Curr Leadership


Instructional Design and Tech

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Carmen L Weaver

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Deborah K Watlington

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Nicole L Thompson

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J. Helen Perkins


The driving forces for integrating technology are to prepare students for the workforce and to increase student knowledge and skills. However, technology is not transforming education as it should, and studies show the teacher is a significant component in whether technology is effectively being integrated into the classroom. The purpose of this study was to investigate teachers’ plans to increase technology use in their classroom. The views of teachers who participated in professional development were examined. The research included addressing the specific barriers of limited hardware, software, and Internet connectivity teachers face when implementing technology. The research questions were used to determine if teachers would increase technology integration that focused on student use after strategies that address the barriers to working with limited access to technology were provided. This mixed methods study examined quantitative data collected through the Teachers Technology Questionnaire-R (TTQ-R) and theTechnology Skills Assessment-R (TSA-R) and qualitative data through a semi-structured interview. Through the analysis of data, differences between pre and post surveys were observed. The differences were not found to be statistically significant; however, there were observable differences. The themes of levels of student use, benefits and barriers of technology use, and perceived readiness were identified through the analysis of data collected through semi-structured interviews and the TTQ-R. The findings of this study contribute to the existing body of literature in two significant ways. First, the findings support the current literature that examines the benefits and barriers of technology integration. Second, the findings provide support for the need for content-specific professional development on integrating technology.


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