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Ron E Davis


Sickle Cell Disease is an inherited blood disorder that affects approximately 100,000 individuals living in the United States. It is estimated 30,000 students are living with the disease. Issues such as a stroke, silent cerebral infarction, and cognitive impairment are some of the physical complications that affect learning opportunities of these individuals. There is a lack of awareness among educators despite the research indicting the high percentage of poor academic performance, high detainment, and limited career opportunities. Parents play a vital role in making sure their children have a chance to succeed academically despite living with a chronic disease. According to Joyce Epstein (2001), parents who are engaged in their children's education will see the benefit of them being successful academically and socially. Parents are the bridge that connects the home school-learning environment with the classroom. It is imperative that parents make sure that schools are implementing their children's 504 Plan and/or Individual Education Plan (IEP) so their children will have a competing chance to succeed academically. This study presented a qualitative analysis of purposeful selected parents implementing the 504 Plan and/or IEP's with Children with Sickle Cell Disease. In an effort to understand the participants' perception of their experience in the 504 Plan's/IEP's process, the study provided a critical analysis why parents believe their schools are not fully implementing the 504 Plan and/or IEP's as required. The three primary sources of evidence for this study were semi-structured interviews, image-elicitation, and document analysis; these were analyzed through the development of individual responses for each participant, which resulted in a cross-case analysis narrative depicting the study's findings.


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