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Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engr

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Chrysanthe Preza

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Sharon V King

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Aaron Robinson

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Ana Doblas


This thesis proposes methods to investigate a novel tunable incoherent 3D patterned illumination suitable for Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM). A Matlab simulation was designed for the novel tunable illumination in a single and double slit configuration. An experimental setup of the single and double slit configurations was designed and used to acquire experimental data, which was compared with simulation predictions. The comparison aims to scrutinize the lateral and axial frequencies of the sinusoidal illiumination pattern and to determine the accuracy of the simulation with real world optics parameters. The simulation result provides a model of the the 3D patterned illumination, which is necessary for future use in a SIM setup. An accurate model of the illumination pattern will facilitate designing the forward and inverse SIM imaging models in a different study. The novel incoherent tunable illumination design will theoretically produce better super resolution and optical sectioning capability than current SIM setups that rely on coherent illumination.


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