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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

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Jeffery Marchetta

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Firouzeh Sabri

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John Hochstein


Storage of cryogenic liquids is key to the success of long duration space missions like a manned mission to Mars. Current cyrogenic storage tanks are constructed from metals with high thermal conductivities. This study presents the novel methods used to construct a prototype cryogenic storage tank made from RTV-655 embedded with polyimide aerogel. The low temperature performance of the prototype RTV-655 + aerogel tank is analyzed when partially filled with liquid nitrogen and pressurized. The data collected from the RTV-655 + aerogel tank is compared to a tank of the same size made of RTV-655 to gauge the effectiveness of the aerogel layer. Stress tolerance at low temperature, pressurization rate, and liquid boil off time are parameters used to gauge the tank performance. Tank construction methods along with testing parameters, procedures, and a comparison of performance results between the RTV-655 + aerogel tank and RTV-655 tank are presented in this paper.


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