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Doctor of Education


Leadership and Policy Studies


Educational Leadership

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Reginald l Green

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Wendy Griswold

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Charise Gulosino

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Mary Boudreaux


The purpose of this qualitative study was to ascertain information on the leadership approaches used by principals with artistic backgrounds, skills, or hobbies to understand how their behaviors could inform instructional leadership. Eight principals who shared a similar interest in music, described their instructional leadership experiences. Using phenomenological methodology to collect and analyze data, each participant partook in a semi-structured interview to create a visual painting of the life of an artistic leader. Six themes emerged during the data analysis. The findings from this study clarified that artistic leadership exists. Principals with a background in the arts identified themselves as artists, and shared the following leadership styles: transformational, servant, instructional, and situational. The data revealed that the participants believed that the arts made an impact on their leadership styles and personal lives. The participants included artistic programs in their curriculum, field experiences, community service projects, and professional development to enhance their learning environments and aesthetics of their students and teachers. The data also revealed that the participants designed programs and practices that expanded beyond their aesthetic experiences to include, but not limited to performing in their communities, and utilizing everyone in their decision-making processes. This knowledge was used in the development of a definition of artistic leadership and baseline for theoretical framework.


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