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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

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Kristen Iversen

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Eric Carl Link

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Sonja Linvingston


A rebellious teenage girl with driving bravado and Southern manners gets pregnant and married, in that order, her senior year of high school, class of 1998. Through cinematic scenes like a shotgun wedding, struggling marriage, single motherhood, college and business career, the feisty narrator builds tension up to a climax. This is not just another triumphant story of teenage pregnancy set deep in the heart of the Bible belt. Not About Me: A Memoir is an approximately 47,000 word book-length example of what happens ten years later when young parents grow in separate directions but maintain a relationship for the child. After I have put her first in all my life's major decisions for a decade and achieve my goal of success in the city, my daughter asks to live with her father in the small town where it all began. This is a narrative account of letting her go.


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