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Doctor of Education


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Lee E Allen

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Duane M Giannangelo

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Deborah K Watlington


Educational leaders are struggling with the issue of academic reform as it pertains to accountability for student achievement. With increasing pressures to improve student achievement, many states have adopted value-added measures to monitor student growth and teacher effectiveness. This study undertook a quantitative approach to examine the relationship between teacher perceptions of value-added evaluations, teachers' three-year mean value-added scores, and teacher job satisfaction using One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVAs). The four major questions posed in this study are as follows: 1) What are selected TN teachers' perceptions of the TVAAS-based teacher evaluation system in terms of fairness, accuracy, understandability, and need for revision? 2) How do selected TN teachers' average self-reported scores on the TVAAS-based teacher evaluation system differ by demographic characteristics? 3) How do selected TN teachers' reported level of job satisfaction differ by demographic characteristics? 4) What relationships are observed between selected TN teachers' ratings of the quality of the TVAAS-based teacher evaluation system, their self-reported average scores on that teacher evaluation system, and their level of satisfaction with their jobs? There were 39 teachers from two rural middle schools in the mid-south that participated in the survey. Job satisfaction was measured and compared with their self-reported mean Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS) score. The analysis revealed a significant relationship between the self-reported three-year average and TVAAS scores and perception of the quality of TVAAS data, as well as a significant relationship between teachers' self-reported average TVAAS evaluation score and their average level of job satisfaction.


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