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Master of Science


Clinical Nutrition

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Terra Smith

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Ruth Williams-Hooker

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Sara Foley


Vegetarian and vegan diets are increasingly becoming a popular diet among the United States population. This mixed-mode survey and focus group study tested the perspective of vegetarian dining on the University of Memphis (UM) by students, faculty, and staff. Ninety-six individuals completed the survey and five participated in the focus groups from Fall 2015 and Summer 2016. The Qualtrics program used for the mixed-mode survey provided the statistical analysis for this study. The focus groups were audio-recorded and coded according for policy, general, and menu item changes. Participants stated seveal times the frustrations of finding vegetarian options on campus due to the lack of proper vegetarian-friendly policy, pricing, and healthier vegetarian options. In conclusion, even though the study results support the hypothesis of a negative perspective of vegetarian dining and options by students, faculty, and staff on campus, the participants were able to find and purchase healthy vegetarian foods through savvy and creative means.


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