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Doctor of Education


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Deborah Watlington

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Louis Franceschini

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Lee Allen

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Duane Giannangelo


The purpose of this research study was to compare the impact of Teacher-Set Accelerated Reader goals (TSAR) with Student-Set Accelerated Reader goals (SSAR) of fourth- and fifth-grade students. The goal of this research study was to determine which type of goal setting approach influences reading growth the most as measured by the easyCBM assessment. Student attitudes towards reading were also examined. While the results of a logistic regression provided little support for the idea that student's or his/her teacher's choice of the student's ARgoals enhanced the student's chances of ARgoal attainment, other analyses suggested that the student's choosing had positive effects. An OLSregression analysis of students' easyCBMposttest scores indicated that, controlling for prior achievement, easyCBMpretest scores, and other demographic variables, allowing the student to choose his or her own goals is linked to greater growth in reading. In terms of student affect, a similar sort of OLSanalysis linked student choice of reading goals to improved attitudes towards recreational reading, but the link between student choice and improved attitudes towards academic reading was only observed among Grade 5 participants in the study.


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