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Thomas Wyatt

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Hasan Ali

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Steven Griffin


Distributed generation by using solar energy through photovoltaic (PV) plants is growing considerably as well as the installation of residential rooftop solar photovoltaic panels. The integration of these panels into low voltage distibution networks creates voltage regulation problems. These voltages regulation problems occur when the load demand is significantly lower than the power generated by PV panels. Renewable energy resources are intermittent in nature and affect the grid where it is connected. Therefore a proper method to manage the generated voltage is necessary. This thesis presents a case study simulating a residential complex placed in Ecuador with rooftop-mounted solar panels in every house generating power. A real load profile was obtained from the local electrical utility in Ecuador, to analyze the demand of the residential complex. During the day the power from the PV system is injected to the grid, and stored in a Battery Energy Storage (BESS), controlled by a load-following method. During the night the BESS provides energy to the loads due to the power from the solar panels is no longer available, making the residential complex independent from the grid.


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