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Doctor of Philosophy


Business Administration



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Frances Fabian

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Charles Pierce

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Robert Wiggins

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Peter Wright


This dissertation consists of three manuscripts that examine the collaboration of non-profit, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and social enterprises with multi-national enterprises (MNEs) in developing countries. The first manuscript examines the new breed of NGOs that have a market-based focus rather than an aid-based, CSR focus. Drawing from preliminary interviews with businesses, non-profit organizations, and social enterprises in Kenya, the study theorizes a model of the processes behind this change. The second manuscript addresses how partnerships with NGOs can facilitate market entry for MNEs. Using a case study of American Standard and their involvement with International Development Enterprises (iDE) and other NGOs, the study demonstrates the contributions and challenges of cross-sector partnerships in each phase of American Standard's market entry into Bangladesh and sub-Saharan Africa. The final paper examines the measurement and reporting practices for corporate social initiatives. Using content analysis of sustainability reports, an assessment of sustainability reporting and measurement processes was conducted to identify best practices and challenges in the measurement of corporate social initiatives. The manuscript examines the alignment of corporate performance indicators with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals and offers a framework to aid researchers and managers in the development of performance measures. These three manuscripts highlight the important motivators underlying the rise in MNE-NGO collaboration and offer insight in the creation of shared economic and social value in developing country environments.


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