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Master of Science




Materials Science

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Muhammad Shah Jahan

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Firouzeh Sabri

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Xiao Shen


This research project focuses on the effects of vitamin E on free radicals and thermoluminescence of 10-years old shelf-stored samples with different concentrations of vitamin E. Two spectroscopy methods were used to analyze the behavior of the free radicals in presence of vitamin E in old samples, Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) spectroscopy and Thermally Simulated Luminescence (TSL) spectroscopy. The experiments were performed on three different groups of UHMWPE. One group of samples includes vitamin E doped samples and non-vitamin E samples, both non-irradiated, which were stored in open air at room temperature (23°C) for more than 10 years. In this group, samples got irradiated with X-ray after 10 years of shelf-storage. In the second group of samples, vitamin E containing GUR 1020 solid samples were gamma-irradiated (30 kGy) more 10 years ago and have been stored in open air at room temperature (23°C). In the last group, non-irradiated samples doped with vitamin E and also non-irradiated non-vitamin E samples were forced to oxidized using thermal oxidation. Then samples were tested with TSL spectrometer. ESR analysis was performed using an in-house created software and TSL analysis was performed using PeakFit v4. The ultimate goal of this research project is to determine the long-term effects of vitamin E upon the production of free radicals during sterilization with gamma-ray and X-ray. In addition, another objective is to determine whether or not vitamin E had any anti-oxidation effect on the free-radical induced oxidation of sterilized UHMWPE during shelf-storage in a room environment, after a long time (more than 10 years).


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