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Doctor of Philosophy



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Elizabeth Meisinger

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Randy Floyd

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Robert Cohen

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Xu Jiang


The purpose of the present study was to examine the short-term longitudinal relations between two constructs of reading motivation (reading self-concept and value of reading) and two aspects of reading (reading fluency and reading comprehension) in a clinical sample of elementary school students diagnosed with a SLD in reading. Skills in reading fluency and comprehension were assessed by the Gray Oral Reading Tests, Fifth Edition (GORT-5; Wiederholt & Bryant, 2012) and reading motivation was assessed by the Motivation to Read Profile- Revised (MRP-R; Malloy, Marinak, Gambrell, & Mazzoni, 2013). A cross-lag panel analysis was used to examine autoregressive paths (the relation between the same variables at two points of time) and cross lagged paths (reading motivation at time 1 and reading skill at time 2; reading skill at time 1 and reading motivation at time 2) in a reciprocal effects model. Support was found for the autoregressive paths, but not for the cross-lagged paths in the reciprocal effects model. A time-reversed model was also analyzed to rule out the possibility that results from the reciprocal effects model were due to regression to the mean. Limitations of the current study, implications for educational practice, and directions of future research were discussed.


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