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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

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Marcus Wicker

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Alice Bolin

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Verner Mitchell


My thesis manuscript is a collection of narrative, confessional poems entitled Live Anyway. The story my work seeks to tell is one of trauma and the complicated attempts at creating family by one who has tried to love her initial caretakers, lost, struggled with the emotional damage in the wake of that loss and then gone on to love again and again. My poetry explores childhood wounds alongside an adult version of the self who has chosen romantic love as a way to keep faith in family and in humanity. The story is one told with the magical-thinking embedded in an occult-leaning Caribbean culture and with a sensitivity to the natural world. It's also told through the lens of a preoccupation with pop culture consumed in visual art, music, television and classic Hollywood film, and in spite of spirals through anxiety and obsession. Concrete, juxtaposed images and clear dramatic situations provide entryways into themes of desire, disappointment, memory, survival and the relentless will to repeat and recapitulate romantic love and domestic bliss.


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