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Master of Science


Ed Psychology and Research


Educational Psychology

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Yeh Hsueh

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Denise Winsor

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Christian Mueller


This research focused specifically on the impact and effectiveness of the Mississippi Excellence in Teaching Program (METP), the only teacher scholarship program currently offered in the state of Mississippi. The first research question asked to what extent METP has impacted the critical teacher shortage in Mississippi, focusing specifically on the impact of the program in attracting students to enter teacher education programs and learning opportunities that have been made available post-college. The second research question asked if METP is likely to continue impacting the critical teacher shortage in Mississippi. As the population size was limited, as well as the sample that completed the survey being small, none of the predictor variables significantly predicted the impact of METP, thus suggesting that METP is not effective in attracting students to enroll in teacher education programs; however, the impact of METP significantly predicted the likelihood of METP to continue impacting the shortage. Though there were limitations due to the number of participants and strict focus on METP, this research provides a starting point in looking into the means of attracting and retaining teachers in critical shortage areas such as Mississippi, as well as throughout the country.


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