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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

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Alice Bolin

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Cary Holladay

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Leslie Luebbers


Unravel is a short story collection with strong female protagonists, both children and women. It is about family, especially mother and daughter relationships, but in particular about the secrets that they keep and the inevitable death that occurs around and within the family unit. The collection explores the raw emotions that burst through when confronted with both betrayl and the passing of loved ones. One story in particular, "Unravel," shows the journey of a woman who is so consumed with grief and pressure after a miscarriage that she steals a baby from another family. Another story entitled "Land Mines" deals with a character becoming preoccupied with abnormal feelings of her heart after finding out about a family history of heart disease while dealing with a rocky family dynamic. While a few stories are connected to each other, each story stands alone as they delve into the psyche of those wrestling with the fact of having and losing power and control.


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