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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

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Eric Schlich

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Courtney Santo

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Joshua Philips


The Children Are On Fire is a work bred out of the frustrations of blue-collar job and detrimental encounters with masculinity there-in, work such as, AC repairman and maintenance worker. The Children are On Fireis a collection of short stories based in realism depicting character’s who lives are touched social and economically by the specter of masculinity with explorations in the genre conventions of magical realism and the post-apocalyptic. Magical and the post-apocalyptic element serve as a means to interrogate character relationships within the realm of generational trauma from masculine societal norms, often in the form of religion. The Children are On Fireadopted genre elements of magical realism and the post-apocalyptic genres in the form of: scars, magical stitching, post-apocalyptic stories of a world burning, and of adventurers who can divine knowledge. They connect thematically to the realist pieces in the collection by maintaining the detriment of masculinity, blue-collar thinking, and religious myth-making.


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