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Master of Arts


Political Science

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Matthias Kaelberer

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Nichole Detraz

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Derefe Chevannes


American society to date is wearing a mask. Although claiming to secure rights and liberites for all, American society hides under Eurocentrism's guise which overvalorizes the white maleand undervalorizes minority bodies through reason, space, and place. Therefore, I assert there must be an epistemology which breaks from Eurocentricism. Utilizing poetics as a revalorizing logic, I will ask: How can poetics, as a legitimate source of knowledge, decolonize humanity? Keeping within the American scope, I employ critical race theory and theorists to demonstrate the dangers of employing hegemonic knowledge. I will then utilize poetry, literary devices, jazz, and blues to demonstrate resistance poetics' revolutionary qualities. Ultimately, I assert poetics is a personal and approachable methods to reclaiming one's own humanity and allows for poetic licensure to continue the decolonizing process. Politics is not a higher education venture, but rather an intimate and social experience.


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