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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

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Holladay Cary

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Emily Thrush

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Richard Boada


“Keepsakes,” is a short novel that is 188 pages. It has a few main themes in it, including those of fear, love, and loss. The main character’s name is Waverly. She is in her early twenties and has a desire for a family of her own. She rides horses and had been hoping to make that her career until she witnesses a terrible accident resulting in injury to the rider and death of the horse. Waverly has to reevaluate what she wants in life when removes herself from her previous path. The majority of the story takes place a year after this incident when she is a full time live in nanny and starting to realize she’s not content with being in limbo anymore. Throughout this story, Waverly has to figure out what she really wants in life and where she will be happy. In addition to Waverly, some main characters are her nanny kids, Peyton and Page, her sister, Hallie, her best friend Abby, her ex-boyfriend Mike, and Waverly’s horse, Cookie. My goal with, “Keepsakes” was to create a very real story of love and loss. I wanted to explore different types of love. For Waverly, there is an aspect of romantic love in her story with her ex-boyfriend Mike, but it’s not the most influential in her life. Waverly loves greatly and has to deal with a lot of loss as well. Waverly loves her nanny children, Peyton and Page, she loves her best friend Abby, her sister Hallie, and she loves her horse, Cookie.


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