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Thesis (Access Restricted)

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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

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Sonja Livingston

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Kristen Iversen

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Theron Britt


Lost: Essays is a collection of personal essays centered on the theme of loss and the experience of being lost, both literally and figuratively. Other issues explored in the collection include imagination, identity, movement, divorce, rape, relationships, and impermanence. The essays are structured in a segmented, associative style, weaving together various memories, observations, and pieces of factual information in order to reflect upon loss--loss of childhood identity and imagination, loss of innocence and inhibition, loss of home and religion, and loss of life. Loss tends to have a negative connotation. However, the focus of this collection is not on mourning loss but rather overcoming it, learning from it, and moving forward. It's about the realization that there would be no change without loss, that there would be no movement without change, that loss is essential for growth and progress.


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