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Master of Science


Clinical Nutrition

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M Ruth Williams

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Michelle Stockton

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Terra Smith


Objective: To determine sociodemographic and psychosocial factors which would influence BMI of RDs.Design: Cross-sectional survey of Tennessee RDs assessing BMI and gathering demographic, social, and psychosocial information related to BMI and factors that motivate RD to maintain BMI within recommended range.Subjects: 179 participants completed the survey. 148 were determined to be non-pregnant RDs and were used in the analysis.Results: Average BMI of Tennessee RD is 24.7kg/m2. Obesity rate is 10.9% and overweight rate is 28.6%, both well below national and state averages. Factors affecting BMI include use of dieting, certain attitudes regarding maintaining BMI, age, years of experience, body satisfaction and lack of dissatisfaction, and physical activity. Past or present diagnosed or undiagnosed eating disorder did not affect BMI.Conclusion: This is the only known study to assess factors influencing dietitian BMI. The most significant factors influencing BMI are body satisfaction and increased physical activity.


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