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Thesis (Access Restricted)

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Master of Architecture



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James Williamson

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Michael Hagge

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Keri Brondo

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Jimmie Tucker


Cultural heritage is a significant and frequently overlooked part of the urban fabric, presenting architects and urban planners with a potential for revitalizing communities from within. This thesis explores the integration of cultural elements into the planning process of urban revitalization. The major focus of the literature review is on the planning and implementation of an urban trail, which is a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly physical path that links together historic locations of the neighborhood. The case studies show the potential of urban trails to help raise the awareness of cultural heritage in the urban realm and improve the livability of public spaces. The design portion of this thesis develops a planning tool in the form of prototypical Design Guidelines. A series of guiding principles outlines the process of planning a cultural heritage trail. Demonstrated by the design of the Memphis Heritage Trail, Design Guidelines provide specific design recommendations to cultural as well as physical improvement of urban communities.


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