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Master of Architecture



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Michael D Hagge

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Tim Michael

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Dave Nofsinger


Revitalizing communities is daunting. Often ideal principles in planning are not always successful. Communities and their character are constantly changing. By rethinking the concept of the gathering place, community revitalization is possible. This gathering place, also know as the “third place” must become a new paradigm. It must not only offer opportunities for easy socialization, it must also serve as a catalyst and safe haven for addressing those aspects of the community that accompanied its decline. The ideal concept for this new paradigm is the cultural arts center. By creating this new gathering place, communities have a location to participate in activities that are inclusive, spontaneous, supportive, informal, and celebratory. The design of a cultural arts center must be rooted specifically in that community. The design and function of this gathering place must be of and by the people of that community, yet have a universal aspect that welcomes visitors.


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