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Thesis (Campus Access Only)

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Master of Science


Civil Engineering


Transportation Engineering

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Michail Gkolias

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Stephanie Ivey

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Sabyasachee Mishra

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Bryan J. Higgs


National as well as state economies are contingent on their transport network reliability. Traffic demand levels are constantly on the rise and there is an urging request, by network users, for free flow travel, even if parts of the road network are congested or disrupted. To assist the evaluation, design and monitoring of road networks, existing network reliability analysis methods and techniques, should be further developed, not only from the theoretical stand point, but also for practical application. This study has examined literature on network reliability evaluation methods, approaches and metrics in order to provide a brief listing of the most cited work. In this effort, sources of other disciplines (besides Transportation Engineering) have been reviewed in an effort to explore and propose possible methods and techniques that have not been implemented in road network reliability to date. The study also proposes a game theoretical modeling approach to account for capacity uncertainty, and help decision makers to choose the optimal investment plan over all possible scenarios.


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