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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

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Kristen Iversen

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Thomas Russell

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Richard Bausch


ABSTRACT Weber, Jennifer Anne.MFA. The University of Memphis.May 2010.What Exit Ya From, Babe?Major Professor: Dr. Kristen Iversen. This thesis is a memoir of my search for a place to call home.While the drive to feel at home began in Scranton, Pennsylvania after my parents’ divorce in 1979, it took on new significance in 1987 when I graduated from high school and left for college in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.It was then that I found myself rejected by my parents and felt orphaned as nobody’s daughter.Driven away, I maneuvered through New Jersey for sixteen years, hoping to make my own way, find love and make my own family one day, with my own home-is-where-the-heart-is.This memoir is that journey, the struggles and detours, to find a home and love.What I didn’t realize, is that all I had ever wanted, had been in front of me all along.


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