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Doctor of Philosophy


School Psychology

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Randy G Floyd

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Robert Cohen

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Thomas K Fagan


More than 25 years ago, Conoley and Gutkin (1995) asserted the need for more adult-focused research and related practices in school psychology. In commemorating the 25-year anniversity of Conoley and Gutkin in a special issue in School Psychology (SP), Conoley et al. (2020) revisited some of their prior assertions, such school psychology practitioners and researchers would benefit from "adopting an ecological or public health approach" (p.329). They have preserved their position on the importance of adult-focused research and related practices in order to develop and maintain health-promoting systems for students. Conoley et al. concluded that school psychology has not moved from individual-focused practices and has continued to miss the mark in providing optimal services to students from a systems perspective. The current study aims to determine the prevalence of research focused on the ecological model (advocated by Conoley et al., 2020) in school psychology journal articles.


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