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Master of Science


Monitoring applications are abundant in todaýђةs world. Our goal is to monitor an individualand his neighborhood using wearable sensors. The system is smart in the sense it can process the captured data in near real-time and communicate-opportunistically with other such systems as well as smart phones and computers. we develop the hardware platform using existing components to support such functionalities. The Nvidia Jetson TEGRA-KEPLER (TK) board is used as the processor as it is one of the most powerful processors for embedded applications with the flexibility to connect to a plethora of sensors. Data transfer for communication is facilitated via Bluetooth and Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi). Results on the performance of this setup is reported in experiments with different sensors such as cameras, microphone, gas sensor,temperature/pressure/humidity sensor, and Garmin smart health watch determined heart rate/distance/speed/altitude/- position latitude and longitude and using metrics such as read/write speed,heat generated of Central Processing Unit (CPU), TK board and transmission delay.


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