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Doctor of Education


Leadership and Policy Studies


Educational Leadership

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Reginald L. Green

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Lisa Hobson- Horton

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Ronnie Priest

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Larry Mcneal


The purpose of this study was to determine to what extent, if any, does shared decision making exist within the confines of a school's culture. The study looks at three school districts in the Mid South. Two rural school districts and one suburban school district were incorporated in the study.The research of this study was concerned with determining the amount of input teachers prefer in secondary schools as compared to the amount of input teachers are allowed by administration. To make this comparison, a survey was designed with 38 questions from each of the six categories requesting a response on how much input a teacher currently has versus how much input a teacher would like to have infive particular areas: a) Instructional Time;b) Committee Formation; c) Meetings; d) School Procedures; and e) Instruction; teachers were also asked about organizational culture and job satisfaction. The findings showed significant differences in the amount of input teachers preferred in secondary schools as compared to the actual amount of input allowed by school administration in the various categories. Teachers have relatively less input over when they meet and about the content of the meetings when compared to some other areas.four areas in which teachers would like to have more input were teaching duties, disciplinary and student referral procedures, and also all matters related to the quality of instruction. A relationship existed between school culture and job satisfaction. The correlation observed between culture and job satisfaction suggests that the relationship between them is indirect with job satisfaction working through culture. Overall, shared decision making does exist within the confines of the school culture, but the amount of teacher input varies.


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