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In the 1980s, Donald Schn put forth his ideas on reflective practice that involved the architectural studio, and in particular, the tutorial interaction, as a model for knowing-in-action, reflection-in-action, and reflection-on-action. Schn (1984) noted, however, that the faculty involved appeared not to reflect on this reflective practice. With a history of apprenticeship, architectural education is dominated by the studio and while many architectural educators appreciate the attention Schns work has brought to the pedagogical model, others feel that more is demanded to shift it from a historically teacher-centered model, to one that is learner-centered (Webster, 2004, 2008; Mewburn, 2011). Calls for this shift invoke architectural faculty development in the areas of teaching and learning, specifically advocating for profound critical reflection. To inform architectural educators professional development, this study seeks to understand the ways that architectural educators practice critical reflection, and demonstrate authenticity, within their tutorial roles. This is carried out through narrative inquiry. As both a methodology and phenomena, narrative inquiry, as it is defined by Clandinin (2013), honors ordinary lived experience. In this way, it aligns with Brookfields (1995, 2016) notion of critical reflection, which equally values the importance of thoughtfully examining the everyday for ways that it can be improved. The following four research questions guide this study: 1) In what ways do architectural educators practice critical reflection within the context of architectural education? 2) In what ways does authenticity appear in the practice of architectural educators? 3) How do architectural educators develop their professional identity while teaching within architectural education? 4) How does practicing teaching influence the architectural educators personal journey?


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