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The viola da gamba was a family of bowed string instruments popular from the fifteenth century through the mid-seventeenth century. There were quite a few prominent composers that wrote for the instrument, but none more notable than Marin Marais. His study of the viola da gamba allowed him to become one of the most famous composers for the instrument. He wrote five books of viol music for playing and each book had notation symbols that today would not be in modern day music notations. Through an in-depth study of the history of the viol, and with the help of modern day music software, a complete transcription of Marin Maraiss first three books of viol music was produced for viola. The following document goes over the history of the viola da gamba and the viola, the challenges of creating the transcriptions, and finally, a three-part appendix section that includes viola transcriptions of the first three books of Marin Maraiss Pices de Viol.


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