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Instruction & Curriculum Leadership

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Inquiry-based learning (IBL) is receiving a lot of attention and consideration as a modern instructional method. Teaching strategies that actively involve students in the learning process through inquiry instructions are more likely to increase conceptual understanding than of strategies that rely on more passive techniques. The purpose of this study is to better understand how a selected group of five teachers perceive and practice inquiry-based learning (IBL) as an instructional method in their classrooms across all disciplines at one K-12 school. This study employed a case study methodology to better understand teachers perceptions, practices, and technology integration, while using IBL in a metropolitan classroom setting. Data was accumulated through semi-structured, open-ended interviews and classroom observations. A qualitative case study approach was used to collect and interpret the teachers individual experiences. The following research questions guided this study: How do a selected group of teachers perceive, plan, implement, and integrate technology while utilizing Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) as an instructional strategy in their classrooms? This case study revealed four major themes: teachers understood and implemented IBL in different ways; teachers recognized that IBL is helpful for better knowledge construction; teachers expressed that planning an open inquiry learning environment is extraordinarily challenging, and technology is beneficial for an inquiry learning environment despite its own challenges. Finally, teachers liked IBL for its many learning benefits and acknowledged that it is difficult to plan an open-inquiry learning environment. Each of the teachers implemented IBL slightly differently though they all followed a comprehensive and complete learning cycle.


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