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Stephen Zanskas

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AbstractThe purpose of this study is to examine whether perceptions of mental illness have a relationship with burnout among frontline staff in adolescent treatment facilities. Participants include 199 frontline staff with a minimum of a bachelors or basters degree who serve as direct care staff to adolescents including medical, milieu, and clinical staff serving at various institutions. Frontline staff completed two self-report inventories. The Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) was used to determine the risk of burnout measuring three areas: depersonalization, exhaustion, and personal achievement. Participants also completed the Beliefs Toward Mental Illness Scale (BTMI) measuring dangerousness, incurability, and poor interpersonal skills and dysfunction. The current research was a regional study and information was collected in person. The current study is quantitative in nature with perceptions toward mental illness as the independent variable and burnout as the dependent variable. This study was completed to assess attitudinal variables towards mental illness that may affect frontline staffs burnout in mental health settings.


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