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Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Psychology & Research

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Yonghong Xu

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Ernest Rakow

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Micheal Mackay

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Snigdha Roy


This study uses a national sample of middle and high mathematics teachers from the Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS) to predict the usefulness of professional development on mathematics reading instruction. We found that teacher collaboration is significantly related to teachers perception of useful professional development on mathematics reading instruction. Although administrative support is expected to provide incentives and opportunities for teachers to grow, this study found that it has no influence in teachers perception of useful professional development in any of the models of the study. With regards to the influence of teacher collaboration and administrative support, our findings showed that teacher collaboration is significant for teachers in non-rural schools but not for teachers in rural schools. However, given the higher standardized coefficient of teacher collaboration in rural schools and the lower sample size compared to nonrural teachers, the difference between the two models may imply that teacher collaboration had substantial influence on the perceived usefulness of professional development by teachers in both rural and non-rural schools. The smaller sample size of teachers in rural schools may contribute to reduced statistical power and smaller likelihood of reaching statistical significance of teacher collaboration therein. Implication for practice and future research are discussed.


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