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Leadership & Policy Studies

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This dissertation follows a three-paper format. The three papers discuss the anti-Black policies that often marginalize Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and efforts to remedy historic discriminatory wrongs have continued to deny educational equity to Black people and Black institutions. Chapter Two, discusses the anti-Blackness of higher educations affirmative actions diversity rationale and its relationship to Critical Race Theorys interest convergence tenet, and a case study of the cases of Ayers in Mississippi. Chapter Three focuses on legal cases that pertain to dual systems of higher education in four states: Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Maryland. Settlements of these cases are discussed as reproducing whiteness in attempts to settle hegemony. Chapter Four is a qualitative study of how Black educators and their knowledge of HBCUs combats negative perspectives about Black individuals and institutions. Utilizing Critical Race Theory, anti-Blackness, and Alan David Freemans perspectives of racial discrimination, this dissertation addresses racism of the United States system of higher education and highlights the importance of HBCUs in the fight against racial injustice.


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