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Christina New



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Doctor of Philosophy


Counseling Psychology

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Sara Bridges

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Suzanne Lease

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KT Hiestand

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Elin Ovrebo


Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy (GAHT) is one of the most commonly sought transition-related medical care services accessed by transgender individuals. Considering this, the experiences of transgender individuals engaged in GAHT is a relevant area of research among medical and mental health communities. Among 385 individuals currently engaged in GAHT, this study assessed the prevalence of symptom disclosure to medical providers related to GAHT, as well as explored the relationships between GAHT symptom disclosure to medical providers, distal and proximal gender minority stress, physical and mental health, and gender minority resiliency. The results of this study supported that transgender individuals engaged in GAHT have a slightly stronger tendency to conceal versus disclose GAHT symptoms to medical providers. Additionally, the study identified that mental health was directly related to symptom disclosure to medical providers and that gender minority stress (distal and proximal) showed negative indirect effects on disclosure to medical providers via their negative impact on mental health. Gender minority stress, physical health, and resiliency did not have significant direct effects on disclosure to medical providers in this study. Directions for future research and clinical practice are discussed.


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